Microsoft 365 Enterprise and Business Plans

Lemington Consulting is your business's one place stop for all things Microsoft 365 subscriptions. Lemington can resell the Microsoft 365 Enterprise and Business plans at very competitive rates, many times below the listed retail price. Even if your organization is currently purchasing Microsoft 365 licenses from another provider, Lemington can resell incremental licenses to your organization, and/or provide a complimentary competitive quote for your existing licenses. Talk to us about your Microsoft 365 licensing and see how much Lemington can save your organization on licensing costs.

Beyond licensing, Lemington Consulting has the technical expertise in all things Microsoft 365, to assist your business in configuring and utilizing the many facets of Microsoft 365 functionality. Whether it is migrating your current email to Microsoft 365, customizing Microsoft 365 SharePoint for use as your company intranet, migrating files to OneDrive upgrading your Microsoft Windows operating systems, or configuring Microsoft 365 security and compliance features, Lemington Consulting has the implementation expertise to make your goals a reality.

As a long-time Microsoft Partner, Lemington has been working with Microsoft 365 since its inception many years ago. Lemington has Microsoft Certified Professionals to assist your business in all facets of Microsoft 365 implementation and also provide ongoing technical support.

Lemington Consulting's Microsoft 365 Enterprise and Business licensing and services provide the following benefits to your organization:

  • Microsoft 365 Enterprise and Business licensing plans give your business a complete set of tools for worker productivity, email, file sharing, security and compliance to make your business more efficient and productive.
  • Complete customization of your business's Microsoft 365 services to integrate seemlessly with your business's existing I.T. infrastructure and leverage the full power of Microsoft 365.
  • Mix and match license types to customize your licensing to match your business's needs and minimize costs.
  • Protect and share important files with OneDrive cloud storage to ensure the viability of your buiness information against any contingency.
  • Leverage the power of Microsoft SharePoint for document sharing, project websites, and team collaboration.
  • Gain the full advantages of advanced Microsoft Exchange email server capabilities even for medium and small businesses.

For more information about Microsoft 365 Enterprise and Business licensing and services, please contact us.